Blood Bags for Plasma Production

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These blood collection packs can be used to prepare plasma for giving crias with failure of passive transfer.

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These quad pack blood bags are for plasma production.


Two complete packs: each pack, following collection of 450ml blood that needs to be centrifuged, can produce two units of plasma.

These bags are used for the sterile collection of a single unit of blood (450ml) for the purposes of preparing plasma that can be administered to crias with failure of passive transfer. Each collection pack contains 4 bags that are interlinked with tubing to make sure that plasma remains sterile. One bag contains anti-coagulant and blood is collected into this one. There are two packs for squeezing separated plasma into following centrifugation. The fourth pack contains additive that is squeezed into the packed cells in order to preserve the red cells for up to 28 days in the refrigerator. Depending on the donor animal’s proportion of red cells, each unit of plasma produced is expected to be 150-200ml.

Bags that are only partially filled with blood cannot be used because there will be too much anticoagulant in the plasma to be safe to use. Therefore, this item is sold as a set of two collection bags in case one collection fails – this sometimes happens when alpacas move in the middle of a collection and blood flow cannot be restored.

Click here for more information about Using Plasma in Crias.

For more information about how to collect blood for plasma (for vets), click here.


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