Blood Collection Bags for Transfusions

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Pack of 2 blood collection bags and 2 administration sets (not pictured). ***NOTE ONLY FOR USE BY A VET!***

  • 450ml collection volume. Each collection bag contains CPD anticoagulant.
  • Two blood products administration sets also included. These can be used for either blood or plasma transfusions.

Blood collection bags are great to have on hand in case you have an alpaca or llama with severe anaemia. This equipment may not be carried by large animal vets. Therefore if you have the kit available, you can have a blood transfusion performed during the first vet visit to a patient rather than having to wait a day or two for the vet to order in the required kit.

Blood transfusions are recommended for camelids when packed cell volume is below 12% (normal PCV is 24-28% in camelids): if PCV remains below this level for long, organ failure begins due to poor oxygenation of the tissues.  We’ve included 2 administration sets here too because you can’t administer blood through a normal administration set: blood administration sets include a filter to catch any blood or protein clots that may harm the recipient. If you want to have a kit that includes all the necessary equipment for placing an IV catheter in the recipient (this is required for a blood transfusion), then look at our Blood Transfusion & IV Fluids Kit

Note that this product is not what you would need if you are intending to collect blood for creation plasma for crias. For this you need our Quad Packs that allow sterile transfer of plasma into separate bags that you can store in the freezer.


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