Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd has a refrigerated centrifuge and all the necessary equipment required to centrifuge bags of blood that have been collected from donor alpacas or llamas. Plasma is drawn off from each bag of centrifuged blood in a sterile manner and then frozen for later use. Plasma is useful to have in stock for treating failure of passive transfer in crias.

Blood must be collected in appropriate collection bags with transfer bags attached. This allows the blood and plasma to remain in a closed/sterile system that reduces the chance of any contamination. If you or your vet wish to purchase the collection bags we are able to provide these. Blood must be transported to a centre for processing: the Pet Blood Bank at Loughborough offers this service and so do we. It’s useful to use the centre that is closer to you as it is necessary to courier the frozen plasma to you after separation by same day courier: increasing distance increases the courier cost.

Please contact us for details.

See also: Blood & Plasma Collection

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