Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd is pleased to be able to offer a range of Camelid-specific diagnostic services. We add to these services from time to time so please check back to discover more!

Faecal Testing for Camelids

Faecal egg counts, performed using the optimal diagnostic method for identifying gastrointestinal parasite eggs & coccidia in camelids, the Modified Stoll’s test. Also Liver fluke testing.

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Cria IgG Testing

Find out if your cria needs a plasma transfusion! Using the DVM Rapid Test II: this gives fast results, 40 minutes after samples arrive at our lab.

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Plasma Processing

We are able to offer a safe plasma processing service to centrifuge down blood collected from donor animals in your herd for use in your own crias with failure of passive transfer.

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Skin Biopsy Interpretation

Coming Soon! Previously only available in the US and Australia. Obtain objective data on specific fibre traits in order to advance your breeding programme.

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