Birthing & Cria Kit

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This birthing & cria kit has been created by Claire Whitehead with the aim of helping you to have everything you need to hand in the event of a difficult birthing or to deal with a sick neonatal cria in the days after the birth. Our kit is designed to offer the best of what you need. In particular, you will find STERILE gloves and lube to use to assist in the delivery – please don’t use bare hands or open bottles of rectal lube!! The latter are lovely culture medium bottles for bugs!

The kit is included in a lightweight bag allowing you to carry it easily over your shoulder on the way out to an alpaca in difficulty and there are lots of pockets to organise your gear. You’ll also need to take a clean bucket (dedicated to obstetrics ONLY!) half-filled with warm water. You’ll be able to sling it back over your shoulders and have your hands free to potentially carry the cria back with you to the barn!

This kit price offers savings versus buying all items separately.

Birthing & Cria Kit includes:

Good quality hard-bottomed kit bag. (Upgraded quality bag – NEW IN 2023!)

For the Birthing:

  • Tail bandage (x5)
  • Cotton wool
  • Fairy Liquid
  • Non-sterile gloves (x20)
  • Sterile gloves (5 pairs Medium, 5 pairs Large)
  • 5x Sterile sleeves
  • 5x 82g tube of sterile lubricant
  • Towel


For Neonatal Care:

  • Weigh sling and digital scale (digital scale is a better one than that shown in the photo)
  • Super 7 Navel Spray
  • Artery forceps (to clamp the umbilicus in case of bleeding)
  • 2x umbilical clamps (back-up, in case of umbilical bleeding)
  • Digital thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Feeding tubes (x2) and 60ml syringe
  • Feeding bottle with teat
  • 2x Replacement teats
  • Red rubber catheter – for enema administration or checking for choanal atresia
  • 60ml catheter-tipped syringe – for enemas (only use 20ml though!)

Any items can also be re-ordered individually.

Additional information

Weight 4.44 kg

Standard Kit (no resuscitator), with Cria, Lamb & Kid Resuscitator


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