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Profix Advanced paste is a highly concentrated multi-action probiotic paste to nutritionally support the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Designed for foals and horses, but would be equally suitable for crias less than 3 months of age.

What should I use this for?

This probiotic paste is ideal for supporting crias with diarrhoea. Contains binders (pectin, kaolin and psyllium husk), prebiotics, probiotic, electrolyte (sodium chloride), amino acid (glutamine peptides) and a source of energy (dextrose).

What does it do?

The pre- and probiotics included in this product are better for simple stomached animals. This is why I have recommended it for crias up to 3 months of age. After 6-8 weeks of age, camelids begin transitioning to becoming complex-stomached animals. After this they require probiotics designed more for foregut fermenting species such as cattle and sheep. The transitioning process takes a little while and during this time they are still nursing from their dams and getting most of their nutrition from their mothers’ milk.  As crias move towards weaning at 6 months, they start getting more nutrition from grass and other forages and less from their mothers’ milk. At this point, they need a different type of probiotic although the binders and other ingredients could still have a beneficial effect.

The binders will help to support normal stool consistency. Sodium chloride is included to replace any lost body salts. The amino acid glutamine is essential in the production of intestinal epithelial cells that may be lost in some cases of diarrhoea. The dextrose provides a rapid source of energy.

Don’t forget to submit a faecal sample for analysis to try to diagnose the underlying cause of cria diarrhoea.

Dosing Suggestion

Suggested dose 5ml per dose, to be given up to 3 times daily, as required, for up to 5 days.

30ml per tube


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