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Immucol Platinum is a complete feed colostrum replacer – the most complete alternative to maternal colostrum on the market! Contains exceptionally high levels of natural bovine colostrum to make a complete feed containing essential nutrients and 20% fat.

If you have a cria that requires supplementary feeding and you can’t milk enough colostrum from the dam, you need something to replace that with. Traditionally, we vets have advised using fresh colostrum from another species such as a cow to get those all-important antibodies into the cria. However, it can be difficult to ensure that this source is disease-free. In the UK, dairy cows may be a source of TB, Johne’s, IBR and EBL and not all herds may know their disease status. This product is certified TB, EBL, IBR and Johne’s free, so represents a worry-free source of colostrum.

If you need guidance on how to bottle feed crias, please see our Feeding Guide for Crias.

What makes Immucol Platinum so good?

Immucol Platinum colostrum is prepared using a freeze-drying process: freeze-drying the colostrum ensures that the all-important antibodies (IgG) are preserved. This is a costly process, but ensures a high quality end product that can be used as a complete colostrum replacer. Most other colostrum products on the market are spray-dried which is a process that heats the milk above 80 degrees: this reduces the quality of the colostrum and means that the antibodies contained in the product are rarely present in sufficient quantity to be used as a replacement for natural colostrum. This is why most other products are labelled “supplements” rather than “replacers”. They are cheaper because it is a much cheaper process to make them.

So if you need to use a powdered colostrum, make sure it’s one that has high levels of IgG!

Certified TB, EBL, IBR and Johne’s free.

Mixes up to 2 litres. Crias require 10-15% of their body weight fed as milk in 24 hours. This equates to 700-1050 ml for a 7kg cria. Therefore each pack will supply 2-3 newborn crias if fed entirely by bottle, or more crias if this is used as a top-up feed.

100% recyclable packaging.
Package: 700 g.

[Please note that we cannot export this product due to export regulations.]

Graph shows the IgG content of a number of brands of colostrum supplements – from Corke MJ, Cattle Practice 2012. Relative levels of IgG in Immucol Platinum is shown on the right.

A Testimonial from an Alpaca Breeder who’s used Immuncol – April 2022

During the 2021 birthing season we chose to use Immucol on three separate occasions.

  1. We had a cria born that can only be described as extremely flat with no chance of standing to feed. After administering our standard energy boosters with little or no effect, we decided to tube feed 80ml of Immucol twice at two hourly intervals. After the second feed the cria started to respond and it wasn’t long before it started feeding from the dam.
  2. This Cria was born in the late afternoon and can only be described as a bit dim, never finding the teats on the dam and getting flatter by the minute. After 3 hours we took 30ml of colostrum from the dam which is all she would tolerate and mixed it with about 60ml of Immucol and bottle fed. We did this three times at two hourly intervals. With the next feed becoming imminent we noticed its brain kick in and he started to feed from the dam.
  3. Our big Immucol success story. We had a seriously premature cria born (over 5 weeks prem) with not a lot of life in it and of course it was one of our best!! The dam had very little interest and would not allow us to milk her. With little hope of bottle feeding working we brought the dam in with the cria and fed 60ml of Immucol, this we did every two – three hours for about 36 hours right through the night (we did not change to milk after 24 hours because we more worried about its energy levels and hypothermia). The good news is after what felt like an eternity we went in the barn only to see the cria feeding from the dam who had showed minimal interest up until our last feed. The dam obviously didn’t rate our chances but with the cria becoming more energised she started to show a bit more interest as the cria gained strength and started to move around.

We gave no Plasma transfusions to any of these crias, and we do not use cow or goat colostrum through fear of infections like TB. Whilst I know there is no substitute for the dam’s colostrum, Immucol came a good second and our success with the 3rd cria was solely down to our 16 years of experience, dedication with no sleep and Immucol.

Finally I am pleased to report all the cria have gone on to thrive and enjoy life on the farm without having any further issues.

Nigel Beckwith, Herts Alpacas

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