Camelid Veterinary Services is the only veterinary practice just for camelids (mostly alpacas and llamas) in the UK. Our small, patient-focussed team is led by the only recognised camelid specialist veterinarian in the UK (or Europe).

Claire Whitehead has a national and international reputation as a camelid vet and has written and published peer-reviewed scientific papers as well as book chapters. She is regularly invited to speak at UK and international meetings and also teaches courses for vets and owners.

Alpacas and llamas are quite simply “what we do”. Our passion is working with these species and we believe in improving their health and welfare through everything that we do. We recognise that this is a rapidly developing field as we learn more and more about camelids, and we are therefore continually learning and keeping up to date, while also contributing to the knowledge pool with our own research activities where we can.

While we do not intend to be or replace your primary vet, we are here to provide support where needed. If you or your vet would prefer to refer cases, we are able to receive referrals for certain cases or can travel to provide services that your vet might not be able to provide. We can also travel (anywhere!) for herd health planning visits to help ensure that you have the best preventative healthcare plan in place, and offer laboratory services catering for the needs of camelids.

Why choose us

Camelid Veterinary Services is the only veterinary practice just for camelids (mostly alpacas and llamas) in the UK. Our small,…

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What is a specialist?

Veterinary specialists have completed advanced training beyond veterinary school – specialist status cannot be achieved on your own as a…

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How do I contact you / arrange a referral?

If you have a sick animal, always the first thing you should do is contact your regular vet as they…

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What can I expect / what should I bring?

At Camelid Veterinary Services, we are committed to providing the optimal veterinary care for your alpaca or llama. On this…

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Payment & Insurance

At the initial consultation we will discuss the investigation and treatment options with you and provide you with an estimate…

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Local Places to Eat & Stay

If you need to leave your animal with us for a few hours and would like to pop out to…

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