Wound Spray – Aluminium Spray

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This wound spray is an aluminium spray and it acts like a “liquid bandage”. It will be an indispensable addition to your 1st Aid Kit.

If your animal has an injury and the wound is unprotected, the injury can rapidly become infected. When you use Aluminium-Spray, the injury site becomes covered by an elastic film that allows air to pass through. The spray-on dressing protects against soiling and other harmful environmental influences.

Due to its ease of application, you can also protect wounds that are difficult to access because of their location.

For optimal use, clean wounds first to remove dirt and other contamination before using the spray. You may wish to use gauze swabs to assist in cleaning the wound (use of cotton wool is not recommended). The spray can also be used to cover sutured wounds to aid in healing and minimise infection risk.

For further information on wound management, wound spray and aluminium spray

For an excellent practical article on wound management, please visit the following link. The article is intended for farm animal vets but is quite easy to read. It deals with assessment of wounds and deciding how to treat them. It discusses how wounds sprays such as aluminium sprays are replacing topical antibiotic use in wound management and also when antibiotics might be appropriate to use.  https://www.veterinary-practice.com/article/farm-animal-wound-management.

200ml aerosol.

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