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A Major Step Forward in Biosecurity. 
Simplify your farm biosecurity. Forget old buckets and containers, do away with wasted disinfectant and measuring jugs. The Footcheck footdip has been designed to improve the accuracy of dispensing concentrated disinfectants, achieving the correct dilution every time and providing an audit trail for assurance schemes.

Footcheck is an innovative product which:

  • Is extremely simple to use.
  • Raises the standard of footwear disinfection by ensuring the correct concentration is used. How does it do this? Tilt up the footdip to 45 degrees – the design ensures that this is easy. Then fill the appropriate measuring container that’s incorporated in the design and dilute to the marked level.
  • Enhances best practice in bio-security, aids compliance and helps audit disinfection use.
  • Delivers value for money by optimising concentrated disinfectant use and cutting waste.
  • Is hard wearing and durable in use, while simple to clean.
  • Is convenient, portable and easy to handle.

Essentially, you will quite simply simplify your farm biosecurity!

Another neat feature is the hinged lid which reduces rainwater contamination. The bright orange colour draws attention to the footbath so that people are more likely to see it and use it.

TOP TIP! In order to improve the life of the disinfectant in the footbath, always make sure that organic material (i.e. mud and faecal material) are cleaned off first in a separate container beside this one. You’ll also need a boot brush!! That way it doesn’t all fall off into the disinfectant and inactivate it. Dirty disinfectant needs changing!

Instructional video on how to use the Hysolv Footcheck


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Weight 5.15 kg
Dimensions 68 × 50 × 50 cm


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