Camelid IgG Test Kit 12/box

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Serum/Plasma IgG Test kit – Camelid DVM Rapid Test II 12/box

These IgG tests provide the reagents to run a camelid IgG test and evaluate whether or not sufficient antibodies have been absorbed from the mother’s first milk (colostrum) during the first 24 hours of life. Ideally the test is run a minimum of 24 hours after birth and before 7 days of age – optimum timing is 36-48 hours of age. You will require the DVM Rapid Test Analyser in order to use these tests.

Please note that orders placed after 10am will be shipped the next working day at the earliest as the product must be kept chilled. Please contact us directly if you require a specific delivery date. [Do NOT order online if wanting to ship product outside of the UK – please contact us as delivery costs will be higher!]

***Equine and bovine test kits are also available – please enquire if interested in these.

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