Camelid Blood Collection webinar available now!

I have been working with Pet Blood Bank UK to develop and launch a UK wide processing service for camelids.

I am delighted to tell you we have now also created a Camelid Plasma webinar which will provide you with practical guidance and support to help ensure plasma can be collected and transfused safely and effectively.

The webinar is split into two distinct sections;

  • Part 1 – guides you on how to safely collect whole blood in a closed manner from camelids which can then be processed into plasma using the Pet Blood Bank processing service,
  • Part 2- provides advice on how this plasma can be transfused to crias who are suffering with a failure of passive transfer of maternal immunity.

The webinar is free for veterinary professionals to view and will contribute 90 minutes towards your annual CPD training objective. The webinar can be accessed at any time and will remain on Pet Blood Bank UK e- learning platform for future reference.

Visit: www.petbloodbankuk.org/cpd

I hope you enjoy the webinar and find it useful, if you have any questions please let me know.

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