The 1st Global Camelid Owners Conference

This year, camelid owners around the world will, for the first time, be offered the chance to attend a virtual conference for owners, organised by us! The theme for this first online Camelid Owners’ Conference will be health with disease prevention and diagnosis.

We have the following speakers confirmed:

  • Chris Cebra, Oregon State University
  • Sue Tornquist, Oregon State University
  • David E Anderson, University of Tennessee
  • Bob Van Saun, Pennsylvania State University
  • Julie Dechant, University of California Davis
  • Karin Mueller, University of Liverpool
  • Daniela Bedenice, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Elly Po, Cambridge University
  • Andy Niehaus, The Ohio State University
  • Sonja Franz, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • Agnes Dadak, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • Norm Evans
  • Joe Smith, University of Tennessee
  • Caroline Griffin, University of Tennessee
  • Jane Vaughan, Cria Genesis
  • Claire E Whitehead, The Alpaca Vet (formerly Camelid Veterinary Services)

This is going to be a pretty comprehensive list of the world’s top veterinary speakers in the field of Camelid Medicine & Surgery. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed and the investment in your learning will be well-worthwhile.

The dates of the conference are Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th February. The timings for those in the UK will be split between first thing in the morning and the evening (see below for UK timings), so it won’t interrupt animal feeding or the day job! The reason for the slightly strange timings is to try and enable people from all over the world to tune in… If you can’t make a particular session, don’t worry because recordings will be available so you’ll be able to view them later. 

Thursday 22nd February: 8pm til midnight

Friday 23rd February: 7-9am and 8pm til midnight

Saturday 24th February: 7-9am and 8pm til midnight

Registrations are now OPEN! Please click on this link for more info and to register!

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