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Thu 27th - Fri 28th February 2020
Course Director
Claire E Whitehead
£280+VAT Day 1 only / £420+VAT for both days
Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd, The Old Barracks, Goring Heath, Reading, RG8 7RU, UK

If you feel out of your depth with camelids, or would like a refresher, this course “Confidence with Camelids – for vets” is ideal for you. The course will provide an introduction to the veterinary management of camelids. The objective is to arm you, the vet in practice, with sufficient confidence with which to approach most of the common scenarios seen in practice: you will come away with comprehensive notes including a Camelid Formulary.

Camelids are everywhere these days and if you’re in large animal practice, it’s extremely likely that you will have some registered with your practice. Alpacas and llamas have species-specific anatomy and physiology and some of the clinical problems seen are unique to the species or present differently to the way they might present in other species. Recommended treatments are very different in some cases! Finally, all medicines are used off-label. While some drugs that are widely used in other species are toxic, others need using at different dosages in order to be effective. It’s therefore important to gain familiarity with the species so that costly mistakes can be avoided.

Alpacas and llamas are fun to work with and are often rewarding animals to treat. The owners are often willing to go further with diagnostics and therapy than owners of traditional farm species. Taught by the UK’s only specialist camelid vet, you will be taught the most up to date information to help you care for your patients. There will be ample opportunity for questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question! Our aim is for you to come away from this course feeling abundantly more confident!

Day One of the course is entirely classroom based. Day 2 is a half day practical session. On day 2, you will learn useful tips for handling and assessing alpacas, and get to practice your clinical and diagnostic skills.


For Vets Only

Lunch and refreshments included! Be sure to notify us of any dietary restrictions when making your application for this course!

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