The Camelid Reproduction & Cria Care Intensive is an online, on-demand course. It covers everything to do with camelid reproduction and cria care. Following the online training, an optional practical session – a birthing clinic – is available for those able to travel to attend. Details are below.

“I honestly can’t think of anything that was left out about reproduction and cria care.”

Pam Ogden, Ogden Alpacas, California, USA


  • Save time and money! Avoid the annoying wasted years where a female fails to conceive… Avoid losing crias because you didn’t know what to do…
  • You will fully understand how to have the best success when breeding your alpacas or llamas.
  • You will learn about the most common reproductive problems – then you will know what you might need to do when breeding isn’t working as it should.
  • You will learn what to expect at birthing, and practical tips for what you should do when a female has difficulty.
  • You will feel better prepared to deal with any potential problems or emergencies.
  • Learn what’s normal for newborn crias, what isn’t, and what to do in the case of problems.
  • You will receive the most up to date information from the UK’s only specialist camelid vet!
  • Ample opportunity to ask the questions YOU need answers to during the LIVE Q&A sessions on Zoom – there is no such thing as a stupid question!
  • Full printed course manual provided so you don’t have to write everything down.

“Really excellent course, and the content was just right for me.”

Carol Montgomery, UK

What is your investment for this knowledge?

What you getValue
Online training – 9 modules of valuable content£1000
Comprehensive printed course manual£97
ALL your questions answered – live interactive biweekly Q&A£300
BONUS #1. Access to the recordings of the webinars for LIFE!£400
BONUS #2! Female infertility problem solver flow-chart, based on 20 years of female infertility evaluations.£100
BONUS #3! Cria problem quick reference guide.£100
Prices shown exclude UK VAT.

Until the 25th March, your investment is only £997 + VAT. AND the first 15 to register receive a 1:1 consultation!

CLICK HERE to book!

Until midnight (UK time) on the 25th March

[Shipping of notes is included to anywhere in the world.]

who is this course suitable for?

This Camelid Reproduction & Cria Care Intensive is suitable for new breeders just starting on their journey with alpacas or llamas, as well as more experienced breeders wanting a refresher course in camelid reproduction. If you are outside the UK, this course will also be suitable for you. Claire spent 5 years working in the US and is familiar with conditions in North America and most of Europe. In fact, Camelid reproduction remains the same, wherever you are!

Course Content: Camelid Reproduction & Cria Care Intensive

Module 1 The Female
Module2The Male  
Module3Selection of Male and Female Camelids for Breeding
Module4Best breeding practices: Reproductive problems, and solutions
Module5Preparation for Birthing
Module6Birthing – what to expect when an alpaca or llama gives birth, what to look out for when things aren’t going according to plan, and how to recognise when veterinary help is needed. 
Module7Reproductive Emergencies:
C-sections, uterine torsion, post-partum vaginal bleeding, uterine prolapse…
Module8Crias: Care of the Newborn – what’s normal in newborn crias, what isn’t normal, how to prevent problems, and what can be done to treat any problems that may develop.
Module9Crias: Crooked legs and Rickets

Course cost is £997 per person (if booked before the 25th March, £1497 thereafter). Discounted pricing available for multiple people booking from the same farm – discount added at checkout. (Email to book for more than 1 person: 10% discount for 2 people, 15% for 3 people, 20% for 4 or more.)



Available on 14th May for £100 +VAT per person for delegates who complete this course and are able to travel to Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd. [Please email me after booking this course to let me know if you would like to attend: this can be added separately once the online course is underway and invoiced separately.]

The practical session gives guidance on how to approach palpation of a female alpaca or llama having difficulty birthing and gives advice on what kit should you have available at birthing time. You will have the opportunity to practice manipulation of a mal-positioned foetus using a model of the alpaca pelvis. The aim of this practical is to help you to recognise parts of the foetus and learn how to correct a mal-positioned foetus. This helps you learn how to aid delivery when this is safe, and when it would be better to call your vet.

You will also learn how to safely perform procedures that are sometimes required for crias. This includes tube-feeding with milk and giving injections.

Please note that in this practical we use crias that were either stillborn or died very young and have been stored for use in this lab. This allows an accurate simulation of palpation. Gloves and protective aprons will be provided.

Course Manual

Please note that full course notes are provided, including shipping to anywhere in the world. We will post these out to delegates once booked. If participating from outside the UK, please allow time for notes to arrive. For those in the EU, this is usually around a week; in North America /Australia/NZ allow up to 2 weeks, for Ireland it can take one month unless the situation has improved at Customs!

What have others said after taking this course in Camelid Reproduction & Cria Care?

“We have been breeding llamas for the last 3 years… Despite my medical knowledge and training and extensive reading about camelid health, I felt I needed much more veterinary knowledge, both generally and more specifically around camelid breeding and cria care. Participating in Claire’s courses filled many of those gaps. Her courses are expertly presented while structured, informative and engaging. The course notes are reflective of the courses themselves. For me the pinnacle of her course was the hands-on birthing clinic. If you want to increase your knowledge in a way that is easy to assimilate and digest, I would have no hesitation recommending Claire’s courses.”

Bruce Alexander, UK

“I come from an equine background and find that many of my fellow breeders do too. Having had alpacas for 7 years now I find everyday they are giving me a new learning experience. I came across this program on Facebook in one of the groups and felt it would be a great opportunity to learn from a professional. I could watch the program during the hours I could manage. From the first part through the last I feel Dr Whitehead was articulate, encouraged participation and extremely informative. I highly recommend this program. It was well worth my investment!!”

Leslie Rebtoy, Healing Springs Suris, Oklahoma (USA)

“Excellent and really worthwhile course to do if you are thinking or just started breeding. I’ve learnt a lot of information with me only starting my own breeding this year.”

Jane Kidd, Millstream Alpacas, Northern Ireland (UK)
Watch the course anywhere you have an internet connection!

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