This is an introduction to a whole different way of thinking about and handling alpacas and llamas based on the practical application of behaviour science. The aim is to focus not on the goal but on how that goal is achieved using techniques that are gentle, as well as efficient and effective. They make life with your camelid companion much more fun for both of you. The course is suitable for new owners as well as those with more experience but who would like to find an alternative to grabbing and restraining. You will learn a set of skills that once mastered, make every animal easier to work with. Whether your difficulty lies in catching, haltering, and leading or husbandry tasks like injections or toe nail trimming, this approach based on Camelidynamics principles offers respectful, scientifically sound answers that anyone can learn and use safely and effectively. Tutor Victoria is a Senior Camelidynamics Consultant which means that she has trained extensively with Camelidynamics founder Marty McGee Bennett. She has also gained a Certificate of Excellence following an intensive 8 week international webinar course Living and Learning with Animals 2014 with Dr Susan Friedman of Utah State University, USA.


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