Advanced Camelid Nutrition Masterclass – Bookings now OPEN!

I am excited to bring you the opportunity to transform your nutritional management for your alpaca or llama herd with the most comprehensive Camelid Nutrition Masterclass ever offered!

Managing nutrition is at the root of animal husbandry, and is able to ensure optimal immunity as well as reproductive performance, and yet so few people know how to do this properly. Very few people bother to take the time to analyse the forages they feed their animals and so have little idea of what their animals have to work with and instead just top up with supplements, only stopping to consider whether there is a nutritional issue when problems crop up that perhaps can’t be easily explained. By then, you can be fighting a losing battle and it can take a lot of work to figure out what is going on and to correct those underlying issues. We will address all this in the Masterclass….

this Masterclass will be taking place on the 18th/19th November, starting at 1pm UK time (8am Eastern Standard time) on both days. The Masterclass is expected to finish around 8pm on the Saturday but earlier on the Sunday. If you can’t make those dates, don’t worry because the recordings will be available after the event, AND, if you take advantage of the Early Bird Special Offer.

Book now at nutrition.thealpacavet.com http://nutrition.thealpacavet.com

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