Injectable Vitamin D Product – Available Sept 2022

During 2021, EU legislation resulted in a large increase in the meat withdrawal period for products that contain vitamin A. [See here for further information.] This had the effect that many manufacturers stopped making injectable vitamin D products due to reduced demand from livestock producers.

Camelids are very susceptible to vitamin D deficiency at non-equatorial latitudes and low altitude and they require supplementation during the winter months to prevent clinical problems that result from that deficiency. This includes rickets in young growing animals, and reduced immunity in all ages of camelid. Claire has worked with UK veterinary wholesaler Vetsonic UK Ltd to organise a supply of injectable vitamin D for the UK camelid industry so that we can continue to provide vitamin D to camelids here in the UK during the winter.

The product is not licensed for use in the UK, and neither is it licensed anywhere specifically for use in camelids. Therefore, vets must apply for a Special Import Certificate (SIC) through the VMD for the product that is available through Vetsonic UK. The SIC allows vets to purchase the product specifically for animals under their care requiring it.

How to order

Owners must determine their requirements for vitamin D through the winter months. The product is supplied in 100ml bottles: it is important to batch animals together that require dosing because the product label requires the product to be used immediately after first broaching the vial.

Contact your vet to organise the supply for you. Please note that this is a Veterinary Medicinal Product and is prescription only. You must not attempt to import it by any means by yourself as this is illegal and you will be subject to prosecution. Vets please contact Vetsonic for product information for the SIC and for pricing.

Vets should place orders directly with Vetsonic by email at: [email protected]. Remember to include the SIC with your order.

Important notes

Please note that there is a limited supply of this product currently in the UK, based purely on owners’ completion of a survey over the summer. Order what your clients will need for the winter period: do not over order. If you find that more is going to be required, you should place orders sooner rather than later as there will be a 2 month lead-in period for more product to be ordered – and the minimum order to supply the UK demand is 500 bottles. Therefore, lead in time will also rely on orders from other vets.

Meat withdrawal period: 243 days. If you intend to slaughter any camelids for human consumption, they must not enter the food chain until 243 days after dosing with this product.

For further information about dosing recommendations for vitamin D in camelids, please visit: Vitamin D Supplementation in Camelids

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