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PEA-derm cream is a nourishing veterinary skin cream that you can use in camelids to help relieve itching associated with skin conditions. Skin problems in alpacas and llamas can be from a variety of causes. All will need to be treated specifically, based on the diagnosis from your vet. With some conditions, such as mange, animals may have quite inflamed or crusty thickened skin. This cream can be used after and between specific treatments to help nourish the skin, relieve the itch and also help to remove those annoying crusts.

What is PEA-derm Cream and what is it used for?

PEA-derm Cream is a nourishing veterinary skin cream, without cortisones, with anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a unique composition with natural and body-specific components. PEA-derm Cream therefore has soothing and itch-relieving effects on red and irritated skin. The neutral base also ensures that the skin is hydrated and it supports the natural recovery of the irritated skin. PEA-derm Cream can be used to care for itchy, red and / or irritated skin in all animal species.

PEA-derm Cream is intended for all animal species of all ages. The Cream can be applied several times a day according to need on all body parts. Take a sufficiently large amount of PEA-derm Cream and massage it gently. Do not use PEA-derm Cream on mucous membranes or open wounds.

PEA-derm Cream has been used very successfully in horses with sweet itch. Here are some comments and photos from an owner who has been using it on an alpaca with very crusty skin: “I really, really love the PEA-derm cream… We have applied it every day for the past 5 days and I would say that the main difference so far is in the way that her skin feels. It is definitely softer & more pliable. It looks pinker and less cracked in the areas where the skin was not as thick. The cream is working amazingly well on the severe crusting around her bottom, after 5 days of application the crusts are literally falling off to reveal lovely skin underneath.”



“I am very impressed with the PEA-derm cream. Easy to apply and it goes into the skin, whereas a lot of other products just ‘sit’ there. Two males had mite damage around their genital area, the PEA-derm cream cleared it up in about 3 days.”   – Sandra Muriel, Alpacas of Cornwall

“I wanted to share with you my progress, after just one week of your suggested routine of bathing with Sebolytic shampoo (3 times) and PEA-derm on non bathing days (sometimes twice on those days). As you can see from the pics [Ed: in the photo gallery], most of the scabby skin has gone, and even the really thick crusts under the fleece at the edges are much less. Despite is being shockingly pink, it is looking like healthier skin, and the alpaca is happier to be touched there.”   – Fiona Cairns, Lochness


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