Camelids are everywhere these days and if you’re in large animal practice, it’s extremely likely that you will have some registered with your practice. These animals have species-specific anatomy and physiology and some of the clinical problems seen are unique to the species or present differently to the way they might present in other species.

Alpacas and llamas are fun to work with, are often rewarding animals to treat, and the owners are often willing to go further with diagnostics and therapy than owners of traditional farm species.

If you feel out of your depth with camelids, or would like a refresher, this course “Confidence with Camelids” would be ideal for you. The course will provide an introduction to the veterinary management of camelids. The objective is to arm the vet in practice with sufficient confidence with which to approach most of the common scenarios seen in practice: participants will come away with comprehensive notes including a Camelid Formulary.

Attendees that also elect to do practical training on day 2 will learn useful tips for handling and assessing alpacas, and get to practice their clinical and diagnostic skills.

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