Course Details

Wed 20th - Thu 21st November 2019
Course Director
Claire E Whitehead
£330+VAT for 2 days
Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd, The Old Barracks, Goring Heath, Reading, RG8 7RU, UK

This an intensive two-day course, aimed at anyone breeding alpacas or llamas.

The first day is devoted to camelid reproduction: male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology, breeding practices and discussion of common reproductive problems and emergencies experienced with camelids. There will also be a presentation on assisted reproduction in camelids, including embryo transfer.

The second day takes the form of a “Neonatal Clinic” and deals with the neonatal cria (what’s normal, what isn’t, and what to do in the case of problems) as well as providing instruction on the birthing process and what you may need to do in an emergency. This second day also includes a practical session giving you the opportunity to learn how to recognise and potentially correct a malpresented cria and helps you understand when you need to call the vet to help.

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