Course Details

Wed 5th February 2020
Course Director
Claire E Whitehead
£200+VAT for 1 day
Camelid Veterinary Services Ltd, The Old Barracks, Goring Heath, Reading, RG8 7RU, UK

The aim of this course is to provide a solid grounding in the health care of camelids. It will cover general management, vaccination strategies, nutrition, parasite control, biosecurity, skin problems and other health problems. We will not deal specifically with any reproduction or neonatal problems so this course will be applicable for owners that do not breed their animals as well as breeders.

Taught by the UK’s only specialist camelid vet, you will be taught the most up to date information to help you care for your animals. There will be ample opportunity for questions – there is no such thing as a stupid question!

You will be provided with full and detailed notes to take home with you to read and refer back to at your leisure.

Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced owners wanting a refresher course.

Lunch is provided. Please make sure you provide any dietary restrictions when making your application for this course.

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